Justification by Evidence Amalgamation



Internal seminars of the Chair

Séminaire interne: Les risques épistémiques de la diversification des données probantes: une perspective bayésienne.

This content is not available in the selected language. Le 19 février prochain aura lieu le premier séminaire interne d’une série de trois présenté par François Claveau. Voici le résumé de sa présentation: Selon le principe de la totalité des données probantes (Total Evidence Principle; Carnap 1950), un agent rationnel doit prendre en compte toutes […] Read more


The Variety-of-Evidence Thesis: A Bayesian Exploration of its Surprising Failures

Diversity of evidence is widely claimed to be crucial for evidence amalgamation to have distinctive epistemic merits. Bayesian epistemologists capture this idea in the variety-of-evidence thesis: ceteris paribus, the strength of confirmation of a hypothesis by an evidential set increases with the diversity of the evidential elements in that set. Yet, formal exploration of this […] Read more

Internal seminars of the Chair

Two talks: (1) On generics ann (2) On the Variety of Evidence Thesis

Olivier and Jordan, with François as co-speaker, will test the talks that they will give at two events next week: one in Northern Ireland (Jordan and François) and one in Germany (Olivier and François). Our goal is also to let the other members of the team know some of our latest research developments. Papers will […] Read more