Sabrina Dupéré

Research Assistant
Master's student in Applied political studies at Université de Sherbrooke


Sabrina received a Bachelor’s degree in applied political studies from the University of Sherbrooke and is currently a Master student in applied political studies at the same university. Through her studies, she has developed a strong interest in international relations, the history of political ideas as well as armed conflicts and their nature. Being now a research assistant at the Chair and the School of applied politics, her research interests cover cyberspace, humanitarian and development organizations, social epistemology, and scientific methodology.
Having chosen an applied research profile for her graduate studies, her thesis focuses on the development of a theoretical and conceptual framework for the cyberspace and the social phenomena related to it. Specifically, she seeks to provide tools for the analysis and policymaking related to the cybersecurity and governance of the cyberspace. Her interest in the subject led her to question the values, culture, and democratic issues which impact and define this expanding space.


  • Candidate - M.A., Applied Political Studies (research option), Université de Sherbrooke (started fall 2015).
  • B.A., Applied Political Studies including a path in International Relations certificate, Université de Sherbrooke, (Winter 2012 – Summer 2015).


Scholarships and awards

  • Le Réseau scholarship, Université de Sherbrooke (academic excellence), 2015, 1,000 $.
  • Awards from Faculty of literature and social sciences, Université de Sherbrooke, 2013, 2014, 2015.

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