Les visages du désaccord

As is well known, we disagree about all sorts of things, from factual matters to normative matters, that is, about what we shall or should do. But if disagreements are all too familiar, their nature and significance are far from well understood. This conference aims to investigate the various aspects of disagreement, by proposing an as yet unexplored comparative analysis of this transversal phenomenon.

Among the questions that will be addressed are: What do we really disagree about when we disagree about normative issues? Are normative disagreements about how things are in the world, or are they disagreements in desires or preferences? Answering questions like these will illuminate the nature of our disagreements. Another set of questions will target the significance of disagreement. Should we give our opponents’ opinions the same weight as our own, in virtue of the fact that, even if they disagree with us, we take them to be as reasonable as we are? Does this mean that we should adopt an attitude of neutrality toward the contested topic? And if so, what are the consequences for public policies and other matters of collective concern?

The main programme will be completed by a roundtable on disagreements about gustatory taste, aimed at an educated but non-specialist public, featuring Ophelia Deroy (Institute of Philosophy, University of London) and Christine Tappolet (Département de philosophie, Université de Montréal). The language of the main programme of the conference will be English, while the public roundtable will be held in French.

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