Passage to India

Le chercheur Guillaume Dandurand discute de sa thèse de doctorat, The Techno-Politics of Food Security in Delhi: The Re-Materialization of the Ration Card, sur le podcast Grad Life de la Faculté des é diplômés.ées de York University.

This week, two York PhD candidates illuminate underexplored stories from India. FIRST: In 2018, India’s Supreme Court legalised homosexuality, but the fight for equality isn’t over yet. Shraddha Chatterjee (Feminist & Women’s Studies) will explore how lesbian and bisexual women and trans-masculine persons continue to live in conditions of heightened precarity. PLUS: The National Food Security Act came into effect in 2013. Guillaume Dandurand (Social Anthropology) is focusing on one aspect of it: the ration card. After spending 17 months in New Delhi, Dandurand discusses how the digitisation of the card has generated some systemic exclusions.

Source: Sound Cloud

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