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Quantitative and Computational Approaches in the Social Studies of Economics

Abstract This special issue presents a diverse set of scholarly contributions that apply quantitative and computational methods to questions that fall within the broad scope of the social studies of economics. The main aim of putting the contributions together is to showcase these methods and their potential to help generate novel insights and new accounts […] Lire la suite


The interdisciplinarity of economics

Abstract Economics has the reputation to be an insular discipline with little consideration for other social sciences and humanities (SSH). Recent research (Angrist et al., 2020) challenges this perception of economics: the perception would be historically inaccurate and especially at odds with the recent interdisciplinarity of economics. By systematically studying citation patterns since the 1950s […] Lire la suite


Economic Methodology: A Bibliometric Perspective

Abstract Using tools from social network analysis, we study citation patterns since the early 1990s in the two most important journals in economic methodology (aka philosophy of economics). We mostly focus on assessing four historical claims in the existing interpretive literature. In agreement with the literature, we find that (1) it is sensible to split […] Lire la suite

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Philosophy of Economics? Three Decades of Bibliometric History

Abstract Using bibliometric data and social network analysis, this chapter maps the intellectual output of two philosophies or methodologies of economics since the early 1990s. The first set of research stems from the specialized field. We show that the existing inter- pretive literature captures relatively well its main divisions. The second set is made of […] Lire la suite