Rafael Monnerat



Currently an exchange student at the political science department at the Université du Québec à Montréal, Rafael was draw by the links between knowledge and power early on his university studies. His interests include epistemology, political philosophy, and science and technology studies. Specifically, his research deals with the interfaces of social epistemology and democratic theory. Coming from a legal background, he has inquired into the Brazilian Supreme Court’s participation mechanisms and its epistemic contributions to the decision-making process. Through his research, Rafael aims to critically assess the interaction of experts and laypeople and provide tools for collective reflection on these exchanges.

Refereed Conferences

Rafael Monnerat, Felipe Azeredo. “Expertise no Supremo Tribunal Federal: o caso dos amici curiae”. 8th Congress of ESOCITE.BR, Brazilian Association of Science and Technology Studies, Brasília, September 2017, Brazil.

Rafael Monnerat. “A influência do amicus científico no Supremo Tribunal Federal”. 8th Academic Integration Week, UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, October 2017, Brazil.

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