Etienne Gael Tajeuna

Doctoral Student in Computer Science at Université de Sherbrooke


Etienne is investigating dynamic social network in order to detect changes occuring while the time involves. Not only based on communities detections, this research is to track communities, and deal with big data as well.


  • E. Tajeuna, M. Bouguessa and S. Wang, "Tracking the Evolution of Community Structure in Time-Evolving Social Networks", 2015 IEEE Internaitonal COnference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics, IEEE DSAAA, 2015 (accepted).
  • E. Tajeuna, M. Bouguessa and S. Wang, "Tracking Communities Over Time in Dynamic Social Network", International Conference on MAchine Learning and Data Mining (MLDM 2016). (accepted).
  • E. Tajeuna, M. Bouguessa and S. Wang, "Survival Analysis for Modeling Critical Events that Communities May Undergo in Dynamic Social Networks", SOcial Network and Media Analysis (SONAM 2017), (submitted).

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