Vincent Beaulieu

Master's student in philosophy at Université de Sherbrooke


As an undergrad student in Philosophy and Political Sciences, Vincent developed his passion for philosophy during his college studies. It is also during this period that he gained interest for the Québec student movement of spring 2012, in which he started observing the concept of public opinion linked with protest movements’ social acceptability. Vincent’s research interests meet at the crossroad of various fields of study such as philosophy, sociology, and political sciences. He particularly focuses on the relations between individuals, civil society, and the State.


Because of his atypical educational experience, Vincent believes in the benefits of a popularization of philosophical tools as a way to stimulate collective reflections and autonomous citizen participation.


  • (in progress) - M.A., Philosophy, Université de Sherbrooke (started in January, 2017).
  • B.A., Major in Philosophy and Minor in Political Sciences, Université de Sherbrooke (December 2016).

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